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A Message from the Managing Director

Prof. Elisante Ole Gabriel

The business dynamics are changing at a great speed. The business community has no choice but to adopt the changes. There is no more room for losers but only winners in the business. I wish to draw your attention to the following philosophical facts which I have developed over years;

  • The Speed of change of technology is taking the plane earth to the unknown destination; even the ICT experts don’t know that destination in the future.
  • Customers are not and will not be buying products but values
  • Apart from People, Land, Good Political system and Good Governance (According to Mwalimu Nyerere), the fifth component needed so that we develop ought to be TECHNOLOGY. These components need to be integrated.
  • Customers are impressed by customers delivered value and not customer’s value. The customer will consider the cost used to acquire the value.
  • Customers are different and their differences are different. Therefore, they need different treatment.
  • The business managers need to design strategies to fit to the environment and not the environment to fit to their strategies
  • There should be a strategic strategy choice whenever you need to have a competitive edge. There should be a carefully thinking of a ‘strategic shift’ since one strategy cannot serve the purpose for ever.


With the above few philosophical facts, there is a need to acquire the appropriate knowledge within and outside the country so as to think global but act local (glocolization). Edenconconsult is doing its best to ensure that knowledge management is done professionally. This is why we are looking for as many training opportunities as possible for those who wish to study abroad as well as offering various seminars within the country and even in-house training to various companies.

I wish to assure our esteemed customers that we have a network of about 100 consultants around the world who are prepared to give you ‘value for money timely’. You will never regret working giving your work to Edenconsult. Make sure you contact us for any consultancy activity no matter how small or big it might be.

Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to offer you any service according to your needs.

Prof. Elisante Ole Gabriel (PhD, Marketing)
Managing Director.








“To be a differentiated firm in dealing with our customers.”
To have high quality of rendering services in order to satisfy our customers
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